Stress relief

a sad ghost ‘mon

Pokesona sketches. Yeah, I think I’ll give myself two because I like drawing Xatu but I had a really good idea for the Froslass one and I couldn’t bring myself to ditch it. They are both currently nameless. The Xatu with the collar is going to be my ‘sona. The other Xatu are a result of me getting carried away with designs. And the Froslass does have a back-story but I need to develop it more.

My entry for the Homestuck T-shirt contest on We Love Fine

Nothing like some ol’ Bec Noir

Some Thread references. Not certain about the official colors for hir yet, since colors on my monitor appear lighter than normal. But yeah. :p Thread is a shapeshifter so hir height is changeable as well as hir form, but the height and form shown here are just the standards.

I forgot about my fanapaces for a while, but I missed drawing them. So when I revisited their old sprites, I noticed how weird they looked, so I revised them and made them look more similar to the standard carapacian sprites.

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Rough sketch of an OC made after my new deviantART account’s name (Queen of Spectres). I don’t know what to do about her face yet, but I’m getting there.

took me forever to finish this still life; it’s made of magazine pages

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Lately I’ve been in a character designing mode and I wanted to finally make a Pokesona but… idk what Pokemon it should be. :U So I tried drawing a few Pokemon that I like, and I’m leaning towards using one of the three ghost Pokemon ‘cause I think that that type fits me best. Still, I’m not sure yet. But once I decide, I’ll draw out more varying designs of that Pokemon. What do you think?